Autoantigen Array

Price per array (15 samples): $1125.00

The “Autoantigen Microarray” bears 128 autoantigens and various internal controls. The autoantigens in this panel include most of nuclear antigens, cytoplasmic antigens, membrane antigen, phospholipid antigens, as well as some novel autoantigen commonly implicated in systemic and organ-specific autoimmune diseases. 

Sample types: Serum, Plasma, Lysates, Other fluids

Volume Required: 10 μL

Autoantibody Profiling Service:

Profiling IgG and IgM autoantibodies from serum or other body fluids. Minimum 10 ul of serum is required for each sample and each chip can process up to 15 samples. The samples will be treated with DNAse I, diluted 1:50, and incubated with the autoantigen array. The autoantibodies binding to the antigens on the array will be detected using Cy3 labeled anti-IgG and Cy5 labeled anti-IgM and the arrays will be scanned with GenePix® 4300A Microarray Scanner. The images will be analyzed using GenePix 7.0 software to generate GPR files. The averaged net fluorescent intensity (NFI) of each autoantigen will be normalized to internal controls (IgG or IgM). The final data output will an Excel spreadsheet listing non-normalized and Normalized signal intensity values for each autoantibody as well as the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for all targets. (Note: Other Ig isotypes, or fluids from other species can also be screened, if requested).

The antigens covered by the array are listed below:

alpha Fodrin(Sptan1)dsDNALamininS100
AQP4 recombinantEntactin EDTAM2 antigenSm/RNP
BP1Factor IMatrigelSmD
C1qFactor PMDA5SmD1
CardiolipinFactor BMi-2SmD2
CENP-AFactor DMitochondrial antigenSmD3
Chondroitin Sulfate CFibrinogen IVMuscarinic receptorSphingomyelin
Chromatin Fibrinogen SMyelin basic protein (MBP)SPR54
Collagen IFibronectinMyelin-associated glycoprotein-FCssDNA
Collagen IIGBM (disso)MyosinT1F1 GAMMACollagen
Collagen IIIGenomic DNANucleolinThyroglobulin
Collagen IVGliadin (IgG)Nucleosome antigenTNFa
Collagen VGlycated AlbuminNup62Topoisomerase I
complement C1qgP210Peroxiredoxin 1TTG
complement C3Histone H1PhosphatidylinositolU1-snRNP-68
complement C3aHistone H2APL-12U1-snRNP-A
complement C3bHistone H2BPL-7U1-snRNP-BB’
complement C4Histone H3PM/Scl-100U1-snRNP-C
complement C5Histone H4PM/Scl-75Vimentin
complement C6HemocyaninPOLBVitronectin
complement C7Heparan HSPGPR3β2-glycoprotein I
complement C8HeparinProteoglycanβ2-microglobulin
complement C9Heparan SulfateProthrombin proteinIgA – human and mouse
CPR antigen(human)Histone (total)Ribo phosphoprotein P1IgE- human
Cytochrome CIntrinsic FactorRibo phosphoprotein P2IgG – human and mouse
Decorin-bovineJo-1Ribo phosphoprotein P0IgM – human and mouse
DGPSKU (P70/P80)Ro/SSA (52KDa)Anti-IgG, IgA and anti-IgM

The autoantigens are printed on 16-pad FAST slide. Each chip contains 16 identical arrays and can process 15 samples and one PBS control.