About Us

Houston Omics Collaborative is a new Proteomics/Genomics service facility at the University of Houston. Based on a non-profit model, we aim to offer various technologies and expertise in OMICs to the biomedical research community, particularly academic laboratories. Our services include, but are not limited to, cutting-edge targeted proteomics that screen 10-1000+ proteins, a variety of autoantigen microarrays for autoantibody screening, biomarker detection, genome analysis, gene expression microarrays, microRNA analysis, and a suite of data analysis options. Our products and services cover the entire workflow process – from assay consultation with experienced personnel to data analysis and data presentation.

Collaborations are welcome.

Contact us for assay requests, research consultations, and exclusive pricing today!

t: 713-743-3261 (Ask for Yaxi)

e: hoc@central.uh.edu

a: 3517 Cullen Blvd, Room 2027, SERC, Biomedical Engineering Dept., Houston, TX, 77204