Autoantibody Screening, Autoantigen Arrays

Autoantibody screening is a powerful tool for screening samples to ascertain correlations between autoantibodies and disease.  These tools can be used in diagnosis, monitoring of a disease or medication efficacy, and understanding the biological pathways involved. Common applications include the detection of novel autoantibodies in any diseases, as well as identifying novel tumor-associated antigens in cancer or other diseases. 4 different quantitative platforms are offered.

  • Most popular 128-plex Autoantigen Array with 128 known autoantigensEach slide allows the processing of 15 samples and a PBS control. This assay is ideal for screening serum or plasma samples for known or novel autoantibodies, of any immunoglobulin class. Other body fluids can also be interrogated. See platform detail here.
  • The i-Ome® Protein Array is a slide based high-density protein microarray based on Sengenics patented KREX™ protein folding technology. The array content comprises 1800+ immobilized, full-length, correctly folded human proteins. The arrayed proteins represent major protein classes such as protein kinases and transcription factors, signaling molecules as well as proteins in the extracellular environment, such as cytokines. See platform details here.
  • Smaller custom panels, including this one developed by Millipore Sigma for the Luminex platform. These smaller panels offer an affordable option to monitor the autoimmune response to a focused set of targets. Other custom panels can also be generated and processed