SomaScan 11K Platform

SomaLogic has revolutionized aptamer-based proteomics. The pioneering platform provides more coverage of the proteome than any other technology. With more coverage comes better insights, smarter decisions, improved outcomes, better healthcare. SomaLogic is an industry leader in proteomics, adding new analytes and
developing innovative ways to advance your work every single day.

New SomaScan ® 11K Platform—the largest commercially available proteomics assay                                                                                                                                                                             Expanded menu gives researchers broadest coverage of the proteome for increased discovery of biomarkers and drug targets

The new high-plex platform is expected to give researchers a considerable edge in the discovery of biomarkers and drug targets for translational medicine. Proteins make up more than 90% of all known drug targets and having the broad view of the human proteome provided by SomaLogic’s new scalable platform gives researchers more opportunities to make unique and novel biological discoveries. The aptamer-based platform retains the previous version’s low coefficients of variation of 5% versus the 10-to-20% in antibody-based platforms. This gives researchers more accuracy with fewer, smaller samples.

SomaLogic built the first and only platform that can simultaneously measure 11,000 proteins across a wide range of concentrations. Now we’re translating those measurements into key clinical indicators of health status and risk.

  • Largest menu: 11,000 proteins per sample
  • Highly translational: Proteomics and clinical metrics from 55ul of blood
  • Well-established: 20 years of innovation, >500 patents

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