We offer a variety of services, ranging from sensitive assays looking at <10 targets, to microarrays with ~20K targets, covering ~81% of the human proteome.

Though most of our products are for human samples, many assays allow interrogation of targets from mouse, rat, and other species too.

Autoantibody Biomarker Detection:

We offer 3 different autoantibody-screening platforms, all using planar arrays:

  1. 128-target 15-plex slides, ideal for detecting autoantibodies in autoimmune diseases
  2. an array that covers ~81% of the proteome, bearing 16,000+ human proteins
  3. an array that detects autoantibodies (or ligands) to1631 functional proteins

Targeted Proteomics:

We offer a variety of quantitative platforms to suit your research needs.

  1. The Luminex® platform can detect up to fifty protein analytes (including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, other proteins) in any given body fluid or tissue lysate in a 96-well plate.
  2. We offer the Meso Scale Discovery platform which uses electrochemiluminescence to offer a >4 log dynamic range. This platform detects up to 10 analytes per well in a 96-well plate.
  3. ELISA plates for single-plex validation. These reliable, gold-standard assays detect one analyte per 96-well plate.
  4. Quantibody® microarrays from Raybiotech are tailored to your investigative needs, offering a large spectrum of arrays covering many biological pathways and species. 

Data Analysis:

We offer complementary data analysis services including:

  1. Parametric, non-parametric testing, and multiple correction testing
  2. Volcano plot [significance vs fold change]
  3. Heatmap and clustering
  4. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis for viewing differentially expressed pathways 
  5. Bayesian Analysis for predictive modeling